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About us

Legacyshift makes it easy to access, connect, and learn from mentors who reflect our lives, experiences, and aspirations. We offer premium on demand video courses with a focus on skills training, self improvement, and professional development. With LegacyShift, anyone can now find exceptional mentors, gain essential skills, and take actionable steps towards building human and social capital.


Our vision is to be a catalyst for racial equity and help improve outcomes for diverse communities through the power of learning, mentorship, and networking. We believe that positive representation is an important source of learning, inspiration, and optimism. Our mission is to leverage the power of community, culture, and mentorship to facilitate knowledge sharing and help members unlock their own potential.

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Having the right mentor can be transformational and a great source of learning, inspiration, and optimism. They provide a blueprint that helps us navigate life’s challenges and unlock the potential within.

LegacyShift is here at a pivotal time to ensure every person, no matter who you are or where you are, can access and learn from world class mentors who reflect your life, experiences and aspirations!

- Sandra AppiahCo-founder


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